Journalists. PR professionals. Social media consultants. SEO consultants. Paid search specialists. Marketeers. Content experts. CRO enthusiasts. Chameleons. Obsessive compulsives. Poets. Artists. Philosophers. Socialites. Dirty stop outs. We have them all.


Director //
Career publicist, copywriter and occasional Kingmaker. 50% knowledge of anything with answer for everything. Mouth.


Account Director //
Consumer and leisure PR Queen. Trained print and commercial broadcast journalist. Safe pair of hands and agency shrink.


Associate Director //
Pragmatist. Former broadcast journalist for BBC tv and radio. Astute sense of news judgement. Efficiency personified. Connected.


Account Director //
Occasional genius, full-time fixer. At the pulse of retail PR. Comfortable in corporate board rooms and late-night bars. Former-political press office. Sea of calm.


Account Manager //
Ardent traveller of real and digital worlds. Telephone charm offensive, social content maker, ice breaker and Tank’s agency glue.


Digital Strategist //
Bafta winner. Pioneer of award-winning campaigns for the Daily Mail Group’s groundbreaking digital platforms. Visiting lecturer at NTU. Small dog wrangler.


Senior Account Manager //
Full-time coverage and rainmaker. Part-time style blogger. First class busy bee. ‘No’ not in her dictionary. Agency wardrobe.


Head of Digital //
Digital Hustler with millions generated in ad revenue. SEO strongman. PPC, affiliate and content marketing heavyweight. Part time philanthropist, full time football nut.


Senior Account Manager //
Grafter. Dark horse. Knows what makes headlines. Trained at the BBC, moulded in the world of PR.


Account Manager //
Advanced chatterer of English, French and Spanish. Organiser and tech witch. Small but fierce. Dormant Taylor Swift impersonator.


Account Executive //
Trained journalist with a background in local news. Wordsmith and eagle-eyed proof reader. Culture vulture, European explorer and runner.


Digital Manager //
Reared in full-service account handling, adopted by the digital world. Derby. Parameter pusher and ardent blogger.


Senior Account Executive //
Stupidly competitive at everything. Sport, leisure and fitness PR and marketing background. International Racqueteer. Ponderer.


Account Executive //
Political revolutionary. Social and digital disciple. PR neophyte. Displaced southerner.


Account Executive //
Digitally focused communications type. Enviable tech heritage, and comfortable working across the seven seas. Functioning horizontal.

Nik S

Digital Executive //
Colour blind but code rich digital juggernaut (DJ). Less is much more.


Non Executive Director //
Former blue chip MD and FMCG titan. Coach, confidence giver, challenger and fixer. Grey hair and gravitas.


Financial Controller //
Very, very qualified accountant. Human calculator in a room full of English degrees. Money box key holder and book balancer.


Non Executive Director //
Former blue chip change maker. Trans Atlantic high growth practitioner, mindfulness and business wisdom evangelist. Full time strategist, coach and caution giver.


Predictable Agency Canine //
Business development. Client entertainment. Vermin control. Hussey.