12 Free Applications to add to Your Facebook Business Pages

December 1, 2015 |

Which applications you add to your Fan Pages are important. You can only display 3 at a time, so prioritising which to show and how you show them really depends on what you want your Friends, Fans and Followers to do once they’re there. You have to be a bit flexible. If it’s not on display the chances of someone finding it, never mind clicking on it and interacting with it, are slightly less than bugger all.

Rotating what’s on display is an obvious way of doing this, putting the Sweepstake app on the Page if you’re in the middle of running a Sweepstake, or showing the Newsletter sign-up if you’re having a push on building your house lists, etc.

Applications should always graphically match the Page. Creating simple replacement buttons isn’t rocket science and makes a big difference in the look and feel, plus allows you to graphically highlight some of these when appropriate. Also, don’t forget, regardless of what the application is called, you can rename it to say something more appropriate next to the app. button.

Over the years I’ve used a broad range of Facebook apps on business Fan Pages, and here’s some of my favourites that get good interaction. Just click on the titles to get to the application pages for more information.

Contact Tab

Free and easy to set-up, this has all your info in one place and acts as another point of contact rather than just relying on the About section.

Tell a Friend

Yes, there’s a Tell a Friend area built into the new Pages. It really doesn’t hurt to have another one with a nice obvious graphical call to action, especially as the ‘new’ rollout of the Facebook Page layout will be making this a lot more subtle.

Woobox Static Tabs

I probably use this suite of applications more than any other. Brilliant and simple tabs for HTML fangates, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

I also used the paid stuff when I need it too. Their sweepstake, photo contests, leader boards, fan rewards and group deal apps do exactly what you need – without a lot of stuff you don’t – and load quickly with nice customisation options. You can set these up and try them out in ‘Admin Only Mode’ without paying. It’s nice to throw a few quid back at them after using their free apps so much.

RSS Graffiti

Importing an RSS feed, like a blog etc. can be more fiddly and dramatic than really necessary. RSS Graffiti will make it a lot more painless and will take any valid Atom or RSS feed as a source. YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, even external websites for content aggregation on a single topic. Simple.


Just need to import a blog, or need more than one blog/RSS tab? NetworkedBlogs is my second option. It’ll take multiple inputs and feeds, and fan/business pages.


9.4 million people uses Causes. A great community support app. to support and organise campaigns that use pledges, fundraisers, and petitions to solve some of today’s important social issues. I’ve run campaigns where I’ve changed government policy thanks to this app. and supported charities as far afield as Alaska. Very powerful at gathering voices and getting communities working on your behalf.

Band Profile by ReverbNation

I’ve done quite a few Pages for bands and musicians over the years, and Band Profile is a nice little tool that ties all those MySpace profiles and other lost content together into one place with more contact details etc. A little niche, perhaps, but if you need it you can thank me later.


We all have training or Powerpoint content that can be reconfigured to provide good long-tail content. Slideshare is the place the put it. When we have, Facebook is the place to put Slideshare. It boosts thought leadership credentials and gives your audience access to great visual cues for those B2B Pages, if you have the suitable content.

Pagemodo Page Builder/Wildfire

There are a few services out there that let you build your own Pages, and they do it quite well. Here’s two. Pretty much the same thing, by different people, they offer the tools to build social landing pages via an easy-to-use templated system. A little restrictive, but great for branding and really easy to use.


Got good reviews, or what to gather new reviews? TripAdvisor is the backbone of UK location recommendations, from cafes to attractions. Now all on one tab, there’s a handy application to bring this data into Facebook via their ‘widgets’ section on their website.

MailChimp Newsletter Sign-up

Gathering email address and continuing to speak to your followers outside of the walled garden of Facebook is gold. MailChimp is easy, can be free, and has a simple tools for adding its functionality to Facebook. Be sure to have good strong calls to action and let your audience know what they are signing up for, but I’ve had great results with it in the past.


Can’t find the app. for you? No problem. This service lets you add your own iFrame content to buttons, letting you display almost anything so long as you have a basic grip of coding. With this new version you can add up to 10 tabs.

So there’s my favourite, or at least most used, 12. Giving your visitors a little extra something broadens the experience, can highlight functionality, and can really help to graphically tie up the Page. I always recommend the basics, like other social channels and email sign-up, if you have them.

Hope you find them useful, and if you have any problems just drop us a line.