A royal seal of approval for The Cornerhouse

December 2, 2015 |

It’s not everyday an email lands in your inbox from royalty, but this is exactly what happened last week with the news that HRH Prince Harry was set to visit our client, The Cornerhouse.

As Prince Harry carried out his charitable duties across the city it was with great excitement from The Cornerhouse team that his appearance would culminate in a visit to them at Nottingham’s premier leisure and entertainment complex.

With a number of organisations wanting a slice of the royal pie how do you guarantee that your client gets a fair share of coverage?

Timings: With an event of this prestige you will find yourself embargoed up to the eyeballs. Having everything in place ready for when this has been lifted is paramount. We successfully lined up interview opportunities with a representative from The Cornerhouse, securing coverage in the shape of four radio interviews, a live television broadcast and a front-page newspaper quote.

Working together: The success of a royal appearance is never fluke. These occasions are organised months in advance with the devil always being in the detail. Building up a professional working relationship with the team at the Royal Press Office provided us with insight into Harry’s official arrival location and time, (also allowing us to be in place to take great images for social media for The Cornerhouse), all of which is classified information to Joe Public.

With strict press accreditation in place, this kind of event is never a free for all. The Royal Rota is a system that limits media access to certain members of the press. For example, only one photographer and one television camera would be allowed on location, distributing their content to a number of media outlets. This ultimately saves overcrowding of the venue.

Working together with different stakeholders is beneficial for all parties and on this occasion we shared access, photography and interview opportunities to name but a few.

Contacts: This is a prime opportunity to extend your contacts list (I mentioned the importance of this in a previous blog post). This is one of the few times I will have royal connections in my phonebook!

Paying attention: Forgot to brief your photographer to wear a shirt and tie? You could also be waving goodbye to that prize-winning shot. Read the brief then re-read the brief. When it comes to royalty you really do have to follow protocol by the book.

Not only did Prince Harry’s visit prove to be a big draw for Nottingham but it also drummed up national coverage for our client, including snapshots in Hello! and The Telegraph. The additional exposure can only increase the potential of further footfall for the client.

After a busy evening Prince Harry’s appearance was extremely well received. They say royalty rules the roost but last week so did The Cornerhouse.