Andy Murray does it again for Versaclimber

November 25, 2015 |

If you’ve spent the past week under a rock, you could be forgiven for not noticing that Andy Murray’s been in the news this week.

And that’s good news for Tank PR client Versaclimber UK. Andy has been using the machine to train for the Australian Open, and it certainly appears to be paying dividends.

It’s all because two of Andy’s trainers, the legendary Ivan Lendl and Jez Green, had themselves a little bet. A 30-minute Versaclimber race – with the loser having to hold a press conference at the Australian Open to declare the other’s physical superiority.

How did it go? Well, you can see result here, at the very press conference that the team held at the Australian Open.

In front of the world’s media in Melbourne, Jez is forced to admit that his 12-year age advantage wasn’t enough to beat Ivan, who has used the Versaclimber since the machine’s early days in the 1980s.

The result? Blanket coverage in the world’s media, including several of the most widely-read newspapers in Australia, Fox Sports and The Daily Telegraph.

As the winner of the bet, Ivan will be taking delivery of a shiny new Versaclimber very soon.

You can also read more details about Ivan and Jaz’s bet on Andy Murray’s website by clicking here.