Another? Wine Bar


Challenge is probably the wrong word for this one as anything that involves a new bar with an innovative self-serve concept is right up Tank’s street. Needless to say, everyone wanted to work on the Another? Wine Bar account when we were chosen to handle a three-month campaign for its Nottingham launch.


Part of the initial brief was to educate consumers to the self-serve nature of the bar. Alongside a media announcement, we produced short video clips to illustrate just how easy it is to help yourself to a glass.  

One of Another? Wine Bar’s other selling points is the intimacy of the venue, so from the start we knew that the launch party would need to be a little different​.

With a definite target audience in mind, we decided to focus on a VIP launch night for bloggers and key influencers, knowing that this would help to generate additional coverage. This was followed up with a series of reviews and a news story focusing on Nottingham’s favourite wines.


Our campaign achieved widespread coverage online, on social media and in print, with an overall reach of 21 million. Proving that our carefully selected audience was on-point, the blogger / influencer launch night achieved 100% attendance.

More importantly, the buzz we created ensured that people were intrigued enough by the concept to visit the bar and spend money, not just once but time and time again.

Another bar launch success story for team Tank.