FASTSIGNS® is a giant of the signage world, with more than 675 centres globally. When the UK network needed help to signpost more people to its service offering, Tank was appointed to fly the flag.


A business giant like FASTSIGNS® required an equally substantial campaign, so we combined Tank’s PR and digital brains to initially focus on PR, PPC. Tank was later employed to revolutionise the UK website’s SEO functionality.

Our PR tactic was to mix individual centre news to generate local and regional press, whilst working with FASTSIGNS® UK’s top bosses to create compelling thought-leadership articles and business stories for the trade media.

For PPC, we deployed a more geo-focused keyword strategy, made ad copy improvements and conducted regular campaign optimisation. This was all combined with technical SEO support, the creation of new landing pages and improvements to the layout of individual centre web pages.


In one year, PR coverage increased by 121%, with an overall reach increase of 142%. The PPC conversion rate rose by 197.72% and the number of conversions by 1,109.32%. We also reduced the cost per lead by 68%. Our SEO efforts halved the number of website technical issues, increased domain authority and traffic to individual centre pages, whilst also generating a 92% improvement in the number of keywords indexed.

In summary – the signs are looking good.