Content is King

December 1, 2015 |

All PR agencies pride themselves on their media contacts, professional networks, client lists and news judgement, but any agency worth its salt will place the quality of its content head and shoulders above the rest.

There is a near endless supply of ‘experts’ on the digital conveyor belt claiming to be the authority on SEO or social media (you need not look any further than the restaurant industry). But, without the bedrock of quality content to feed it all, there will never be any long lasting impact or engagement. Throwing out random messages into the digital ether is about as useless as it sounds.

The key to capturing the attention of an audience is to create informative, interesting and exciting content. This should be made up of articles, videos and images that people not only want to consume, but also share.

With the (relatively) recent news that Google will trawl Twitter for keywords in order to display messages within its search results, the lines between PR, SEO and social media are becoming increasingly blurred. We are at a point now where every message leaving a business should be crafted and optimised to gain traction on social channels, achieve coverage in the media and help drive web traffic through SEO.

Having the technical or industry knowledge to place that content in the right spaces across key formats, for example in a national newspaper or on a specific Facebook page, is only part of the challenge. Creative thinking, exceptional copy writing and where necessary, an engaging call to action, will form the foundation of all external communication.

Max Bevis.