Creating that leisure buzz

December 1, 2015 |

There are a wealth of new venues opening up in Nottingham, whether its Bill’s on Queen Street, the new George’s Fish & Chips restaurant or Red’s True Barbecue, leisure operators are seeing potential for growth in Nottingham city centre.

There are few things that get British people more excited than the opening of a new pub, bar or restaurant. So, if you are a leisure operator and have plans to launch a new venue in a city – how to do you best make use of being the new kid on the block?

The regular faces of a city’s bar and restaurant scene will be the initial bread-and-butter of most new venues, and therefore, they are a key audience to hit. They will be a venue’s advocates amongst their peer group. Word of mouth can be powerful marketing tool, but seeding that initial message requires strategic planning and targeted delivery.

It is near on impossible to keep a leisure venue launch secret. The majority of projects will require building work and license applications with the Council, so getting the message out early can build excitement and alleviate rumours and hearsay.

Social media channels are the perfect tool for seeding initial branding and marketing messages. The key is letting the public know something new is on the way without giving away too much information on specific dates, menus or business details. Judging how much to tell people can make or break the impact, and therefore success, of a venue’s opening.

A VIP launch party is the perfect way to convert guests into brand advocates that will spread the message. These guests will include members of the press who will write about the opening, key social media ambassadors who will share and tweet about it and a city’s well-known people that will talk the talk. Working with a PR agency that has an intrinsic knowledge of these groups will ensure that the right faces are in the room.

Creating a buzz around a new venue, and getting people talking up key messages – “the best breakfasts in town”, “a great outdoor area” or “the biggest BBQ ribs in Nottingham” – can be just what is needed to drive initial footfall following a launch.