Dogging on Agency Websites

December 1, 2015 |

Agency land is filled with forced-fun. Thankfully we manage to exist in an environment where a lot of people would love to work, without trying that hard to create it. This does present a few issues though.

We are about to launch our new brand and website, and we are torn as to whether to include the dog on the team page. Yes, that’s right, as the world suffers, this is what’s keeping us awake at night.

Now the dog, Molly, visited our offices by chance via her carer whilst awaiting ‘that which cannot be spoken of’ at the dog pound. Nik said that he would adopt her if Trevor would let him bring her to work. Trevor obliged, and Molly’s ‘that which can not be spoken of’ was commuted to a life sentence of luxury and pampering.

Loved as she may be, it would seem that Molly isn’t welcome everywhere. Some people swore and looked disgusted when it was suggested that the most popular member of Tank (with clients and colleagues alike) should be on the team page. Being a democratic bunch, we thought that we’d put it to the vote.

So tell us, should the dog go on the website team page – or should it not, as it’s “wet, twee and try hard” to do so? Please let us know in the form below, or here.