How will we know if it’s been successful?

We allow you to set the goalposts. We’ll be judged on: the amount and quality of media coverage; the type of media coverage; whether or not we got you into certain magazines or whether certain key messages have been mentioned in that coverage.

How much will we have to do?

As little as you like, if you wish. At the minimum level, we’ll just need you to provide sign off for press releases and the like and tell us what’s happening in your business at our monthly meetings. The best thing is that most clients look forward to the meetings, as they’re where they see their business profile building.

How much will it cost?

Costs for a small, retained campaign are comparable to the annual salary of a junior staff member. This cost increases depending on the client’s objectives and the number of deliverables required per month to achieve them.

What will I get for it?

Apart from an increased profile in your target media and the feel good factor for your staff, many clients report that they like the fact that when they approach a new client, they have heard of them. Did we mention that PR can help to increase sales?

Can you get us better media coverage than our competitors?


Can you help us to win awards?

Yes, our team has an excellent track record of writing award winning submissions for clients.

Do you do social media?

Yes, we can set up the channels, work out a strategy for you to use them effectively and make them work for you by populating them and using them to engage effectively with your target audiences.

How long do we need to work with you for?

For years and years hopefully. As we provide a great return on investment for clients, they see the benefit of PR and continue to use us as part of their team.

Do we need a marketing manager to work with you?

No, our contact is often the owner of the business, or someone they have tasked with being our contact. It can obviously be a marketing manager, but doesn’t have to be, as we bring a lot of that knowledge to you.

Can we speak to your clients to see how PR helps them?

Any of our clients would be more than happy to speak to you about how PR has helped them. One of the things that we are most proud of is the fact that our clients are happy to share the successes of our work with them.

We need a website building too, do you do that?

Yes, we can handle any digital or design project for you from websites, apps and advertising to broadcast mailings and brochures.