Flying High with Rocket @ Saltwater

December 1, 2015 |

Here at Tank, we always strive to get our clients the best possible coverage and hitting the nationals is seen as the absolute pinnacle.

From the red-tops to The Telegraph, to the Times Literary Supplement, being featured on Fleet Street is something we do well at Tank.

Working alongside our leisure client Rocket@Saltwater, we were delighted to see them recently secure sixth place in The Times ‘30 coolest rooftop bars in the UK’.

But how did we achieve this?

Firstly, every client comes to us with a ‘wishlist’ prior to beginning their campaign. With Rocket, promoting its fantastic alfresco space was top of the pile.

After achieving great coverage for Rocket@Saltwater in the local press with regular features on its events, menu and extensive drinks list, the next target was the nationals.

The strength of local coverage accumulation is telling. After all, how can you expect the nationals to talk about your brand if it’s not already on people’s radar locally?

Building relationships with journalists is always key to gaining coverage and the timing of selling in is also important. It’s not about luck, it’s about knowing your brand and knowing your press. Therefore, back in March and April, prior to the summer cocktail season, we spoke to many of our national contacts to raise awareness of Rocket’s unique selling point; the only rooftop terrace in Nottingham city centre and one of the best in the UK.

We often talk about punching above our weight here at Tank, and perhaps Rocket has done the same with The Times feature. Top six in the UK’s rooftop bars? That calls for a celebratory cocktail and we know just the place.