Get Your Social on Point ASAP

August 1, 2015 |

It’s not the first time American rap artist ASAP Rocky has been in the news, but this time he’s caused an online social stir via his Instagram feed.

Posting a series of mundane colour images, it appeared his stream was awash with well, not very much. Or so he would have you think. Collectively, over time, these pictures formed a collage of art with his feed becoming a public place to exhibit his creative talent and push his latest album.

This stunt wasn’t without its perils though as a reported 100,000 followers switched off. A dangerous game perhaps as many brands may see this as catastrophic. In this case, however, I see it as quite the contrary.

The perception remains within the confines of what everyone else does. Yes, posting pretty pictures may receive a few likes here and there but what does that really equate to? Social is more than that. If used in the right manner, it provides brands and individuals a platform to showcase themselves as forward thinking and innovative.

Plus, the number of followers is largely irrelevant if it’s not converted into something beneficial, which a brand or user can monetize.

You do have to be careful though, not all social channels are relevant to all brands. Just because it’s out there it shouldn’t automatically mean it should be used. Ultimately, it’s the audience, which is key, not the platform.

Akin to ASAP Rocky’s creative team, here at Tank we encourage and help brands to break the mould, be brave and stand out or just stand for something.

In this respect, I believe it worked brilliantly for ASAP Rocky. He’s tested the digital water and it’s got people talking – all on the same week when he’s got records to sell.

You can view ASAP Rocky’s instragram at @asvpxrocky