If you can’t stand the heat…

December 2, 2015 |

We all got a little bit sweaty last week. The Great British summer paid us a fleeting visit and it was a hot one.

Whilst we saw the usual sights – shockingly bad wardrobe choices, packed beer gardens and gents looking for any opportunity to whip their tops off (who really shouldn’t), there was one heat-wave tradition that was notably absent. Where were all the PR stunts?

Last year we had taxi app Uber delivering ice creams on request and a paddling pool outside a coffee shop in Hackney dubbed the ‘Dalston Lido’. We were also treated to the semi-naked commuter who was actually promoting the boxers he was wearing rather than staging a protest about uncomfortable temperatures on the London Underground.

However, this year our love for a timely stunt seems to have melted faster than a Mr Whippy. Either it was just too darn hot and the brains of the industry were fried or, maybe, both ourselves and the media are starting to tire of this kind of PR activity.

For me, there’s certainly a place for a good old-fashioned stunt, as long as it’s relevant and helps your client achieve their objectives. That said, overkill is never a good idea, so maybe it’s for the best that the industry has kept its stunts under lock and key this year.

Perhaps everyone is saving them for next year or storing them up for August. If the former is true, maybe we’re just getting optimistic that we’ll actually get a hot summer every year!