If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in

December 1, 2015 |

From accepting Baftas to partying with ageing legendary rockers at Paris Fashion Week. The guys at Nottingham PR agency Tank PR have been to an exciting list of events and we also have a diverse array under our belts including launches, balls, music festivals and various other celebrations.

It’s not all roses though, we have also been to a few dodgy events too. With this in mind, we know what makes a great (and a not so great) party.

Most people know the important things to remember when planning an event, but here is a simple checklist on those crucial things that often get forgotten about.

1. Make sure you invite guests who will be enthusiastic about your client. I have been to gigs where the band and its fans were less than complementary about the lager sponsor, which defeated the whole point of the sponsorship.

2. Invite key journalists and bloggers appropriate to your client’s audience and what they would read.

3. Do not forget the really, really important people. When we re-launched the heritage beer brand Shipstone’s, we made sure to invite people who used to work in its original brewery years before. This meant a lot to them and they really brought a lot of passion to the event.

4. Add an element of intrigue in your invitation, get the guests talking before the event.

5. This may be obvious but DO NOT forget to include RSVP details. This is forgotten more times than you think (not by us of course) and is crucial to know who and how many people are coming.

6. Finally, no matter how hectic things are, always look happy when greeting guests and attending the event.