Content worth having, has to have a point of interest or story as without this, organisations and brands are in danger of just spamming the audience. It’s also the best way to promote industry experts – building thought leaders by issuing opinion and insight right under the noses of potential customers.

Content marketing as we do it

Press releases – when written correctly and with a news angle that’s desirable to the target publications as well as the client, press releases enable us to get a message to multiple audiences.

Features – all relevant publications will discuss a subject matter pertinent to a client at least once a year, and we have the ability to create angles of interest and case studies to secure inclusion in these features.

Reports or white papers – publishing a business’ own sector reviews, findings or original research in report form makes great content for publications and social media.

Social content – great quality, targeted content helps organisations to increase engagement and relevant followings.

Blogs – when written with an informative story or opinion (and not just for SEO value) blogs can work extremely well in terms of engagement and allure.

Beware the content marketing sausage machine

Large brands with multiple audiences make great use of automated content marketing systems. Smaller brands beware of the growing industry trend to blast out content in huge frequencies. Keeping on top of this to ensure ongoing relevance to the audience is difficult, and the hunger and demand of automated marketing systems may lead marketers to create inferior content just to keep the machine fed. In our opinion, few businesses have enough to say or offer of sufficient quality on this scale. Better a single, hard hitting editorial feature with a link, than ten rushed, weak blogs or worse – weak press releases.

Our Nottingham content marketing team helps to drive inbound enquiries for clients with what we consider to be high quality content.