The truth about digital PR campaigns, is that it really is just PR, but with a singular online focus. Most clients’ organisations and brands now see far more value from online media coverage, so this PR discipline is just for them, and targeted at just that.

As a digital PR agency we write and secure online coverage with links and brand mentions that help clients to improve their performance in keyword searches. This then also helps to improve their website’s ranking and brand awareness. So when people are searching for their products and services online – we make sure they’re more likely to be found.

Obviously, in addition to the online advantages, let’s not forget that digital PR is just media coverage – with the media being news sites, blogs, brand sites, quality forums and content on pretty much any website that has relevance to a client’s audience. Just like (what’s crudely described by some as ‘Traditional’) PR, this content has to be persuasive, informative, targeted and designed to make people feel better about organisations and brands.

Digital PR as we do it

Our Nottingham digital PR team comprises two elements. Firstly there are those with the technical SEO expertise to define where the coverage should be placed to best influence search engine performance. Then there are the public relations experts with their writing expertise and sound news judgement, bringing to the table their view on the most relevant media for the coverage to be placed in.

These teams work together to secure online media coverage that not only influences search, but has an impact with the audience – those that clients want to actually read the article. We believe that we should only produce content that people want to read, publish, like and share – the type of content that the sites worth being on demand.

Outreach is a dirty word

What we don’t do is blast out ill thought through emails to try to place content with links in, to everyman and his dog. We research target media, think what they might want from our clients for their audience, and then sell the idea to them by speaking to them – actual communication and not ‘outreach’ or ill thought out link building. And we’re not just restricted to the news, consumer, trade and vertical trade media – we’re always looking for well ranking non-media sites that carry high quality content, that may wish to receive articles from our clients.

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