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For a business in the mobility space to engage its diverse stakeholder audience, its message must resonate across a broad spectrum of titles. As a micromobility PR specialist, Tank can assist in making these connections. We help clarify your message, targeting it effectively to influence behaviour and inspire action.


How we create quality content

The micromobility space can be noisy, with a cacophony of platforms, operators and manufacturers all vying for attention. Great content is that which eats the weak, shouldering its way front and centre. In turn, this helps businesses attract more customers, achieve funding and continue growing.

We work alongside existing teams to identify audiences and create the content that turns heads.

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Read our ebike report

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Read our ebike report

Our micromobility PR experience

Our team is made up of journalists, copywriters, creatives and micromobility PR experts – people that can shape a story into something the media wants to feature.

We have worked with tech platforms, robotics innovators, and vehicle manufacturers to help drive home their unique proposition, carve out a niche and acquire new customers.

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For the select few and hard to reach

We don’t blast emails to place content with just anyone. Our target media is researched, the message is refined, and sell-in’s impeccably tailored – by speaking to them directly about our clients.