PR Campaigns

We’ve changed the fortunes of organisations using PR, but not overnight. We mostly operate on a retainer basis, working towards strategic goals that we set with clients. We’re also experts at delivering shorter PR projects for launches, seasons and events.

Event PR & Management

We’ve handled book launches at the Garrick Club and Christie’s, piano concertos in Marylebone, unveiled sofas fit for royalty in Mayfair and hosted dinners for deputy prime ministers. We also maximise trade and consumer show attendance for brands, and handle product and service launch events in the UK and abroad.

Media Training

The ex-journalists in our team train clients to make the media their ally. They’ve been on the other side of the fence, so know how to prepare clients to get maximum return from all media interviews.

Crisis Management

Damage limitation in the media is all about planning a response to a crisis – way before it happens. We help clients to plan for possible outcomes that hopefully will never happen, but halving their impact if they do.