If your brand is to reach your target audience – your message needs to hit the right sport and health and fitness publications.

A sports PR agency can open these doors for you – identifying your stories and creating the best content to change the behaviour of your target customers and participants.

Our Sports PR expertise

Our team is made up of ex-journalists, copywriters and fitness PR experts – people that can turn your story into something the media wants to feature.

We’ve worked with national governing bodies to promote grassroots campaigns, raised the profile of international athletes, and just this year – increased sales for a national fitness brand by 30%.

How we create quality content

The world of fitness PR is tough, with hundreds of brands battling for editorial space. Good content equals media coverage, which in-turn drives web traffic, sign-ups and sales.

We’ll work alongside your team to identify audiences and create a content strategy that will put you in front of them. Using your stories, we draft content such as press releases, features and case studies to promote your products and services, and we can support events as your press office.

For the select few and hard to reach

We don’t blast out emails to place content with everyman and his paper. We research target media, think what they might actually want from our clients, and then sell the idea to them – by speaking to them about you.

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