If your tech brand wants to be seen by its target audience, then it needs to make its way into the best and most relevant technology publications.

A tech PR agency can help them along the way, creating effective content that will boost your web presence and drive higher quality business enquiries.

The Tank tech PR team

As a UK top 70 tech PR agency, we combine the specialties of our team to ensure each piece of content is optimised for its intended target audience, ensuring every campaign meets its objectives. Our range of copywriters, journalists and tech PR experts can turn any story into a media must-have.

We’ve worked with global creative teams to help them branch their services into new sectors and geographies, and have paved the way for industry specific software providers to breakthrough into their notoriously ‘difficult’ trade media.

Generating content that works in a number of ways

The world of tech PR is notoriously competitive, with hundreds of companies fighting for their space in the media. We know that good content means more quality media coverage and non-media coverage, helping you generate digital column inches – and improve your performance in search.

We work with our clients’ teams to establish a key target audience and produce a content strategy that is designed to get right in front of them. With our clients’ stories, we create content such as press releases, Q&As, profile pieces and case studies to promote software, services and products.

For the ones that want to know

We make sure that the content we create only goes to the best places, appealing to the right audience – from purchasing teams to technical specialists – in a language they understand. We spend time researching target media, consider what journalists want from our clients, and what their audience will want to read. We talk, we learn and we deliver.

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