The secret to success could be down to the coffee rota

December 1, 2015 |

Something we’re really proud of at Tank PR is that nobody has ever left us – of course they’re allowed to if they really want but everyone is still here.

This is quite unusual in the world of PR, as it can be quite a transient profession with people moving from agency to in-house jobs or from one agency to another.

We’ve built up a strong team here and we’re keen to keep it that way, so we’ve been asking around to find out what makes somewhere a good place to work.

It seems that one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because they can’t stand their boss or the people they work with. When you work in a small team every day you’re bound to get on each other’s nerves at some point, as it becomes a family environment, but having a strong and consistent team is one of the main strengths at Tank.

A lot of agencies say this, but there is an element to our work ethos that’s ‘tribe-like’! We support each other and everyone pitches in, especially on an event or launch night when you’re doing everything from moving furniture to serving drinks and helping the band set up – all whilst dealing with the media.

Away-days, bonuses, office parties and company cars are all great perks in a work place but they’re only half the picture. Even a massive pay rise becomes your normal monthly income after a few months and it still doesn’t solve the fact that you may hate going to work everyday. There has to be more than handing out extra benefits to making people love their job.

We try and understand how everyone ticks at Tank and play to his or her strengths. We look to promote from the talent we have in-house so there’s a clear career progression path. It helps that we have regular work nights out, as everyone is a bit different after one or two gin and tonics and they tend to speak the truth about what they really want out of life.

It’s not just our staff that stick with us, it’s also our clients. Some have been with members of our team for over ten years, well before Tank PR was even set up. Our clients say they like working with us and it’s that mix of interesting clients that adds to the variety of work we do here at Tank.

From visiting a spectacle workshop in Loch Lomond to see a new product being created, to a book launch at the Garrick Club in London or a pancake race along Nottingham’s Forman Street, the world of PR is definitely varied (especially here) and that’s another reason why our staff stick with us.

Add to this the informal working space, the office dog (we love you Molly), the feeling that everyone is a valued member of our ever growing team and that we try to hire well to ensure that each new team member really gets it. Everyone also takes a turn to make drinks, which has to be the real secret of our success!