The selling power of being nice

November 25, 2015 |

Trevor and Glen recently spent some time at BodyPower – the exhibition for the muscle-bound and ultra fit. It’s worth mentioning that, on the way in, the pair were quite flattered that ushers at the NEC knew that they were bound for BodyPower. Until they realised that the only other event on was a baby show.

At the show, team Tank PR and Versaclimber UK brokered PR partnerships with an England Rugby star (to be named soon) and Judo god Neil Adams, not to mention the fact that the Versaclimber stand was constantly full of bouncers thinking about buying machines for their gyms.

We’d love to tell you that it was the great PR campaign trailing back over 10 years, the features in national men’s mags, plus targeted broadcast mailings and ads for the show that made all this happen. But we don’t think it was wholly responsible for the success.

We think it’s due to the fact that Neil and Claes (the folk that run Versaclimber UK) are so warm, welcoming and helpful to their customers new and old. And it’s not some devisive brand behaviour. It’s just how they are.

A world famous business guru, who visited Tank PR Towers recently, said that consumer marketers needed to demonstrate a brand’s maternal love for its customers nowadays to compete. So would that make Neil and Claes the ‘daddies’ of customer care and service?