The Work Experience Chicken Egg Thing

December 1, 2015 |

Cracking the job nut can be really tough. How do you get into a new field when you have no experience, and how do you get experience when it feels like all the doors are closed to you?

We get a lot of offers from undergraduates and there’s no two ways about it, gaining work experience is integral to boosting a CV.

However, with so many internships and work experience opportunities out there, it’s important to make sure you get the best out of your time, as well as that of the employer who has taken you on. It needs to be a mutually beneficial set-up.

The first thing to ask yourself is: is this workplace relevant to my long-term goals?

It sounds simple, but read up on the agency and make sure you get the field that agency works in. Who is its target market? What is its voice? This research needs to be more than a quick glance at a homepage. Reading up on social channels can give you a good idea of the type of office you might be entering in to and the type of work you might be asked to complete.

Once you actually arrive for work experience, it’s in both parties’ interests to establish what needs to be achieved.

On your first day at Tank PR, we would ask you what you want to gain and where you think your strengths lie. Explaining what your qualities are helps an employer no end in giving you the most relevant tasks. There will be some set tasks given to you, but if you want experience in writing, say so. If you want to learn about PR processes, say so. This shows initiative that will make for some pretty impressive references further down the line with prospective employers.

Equally, take on a variety of tasks. You are there to learn, and every workplace has the jobs that no one wants to do. It’s the reality of the workplace. All experience is valuable, and chances are that by completing the jobs you are given to a high standard, the more willing your employer will be in giving you tasks that really interest you.

The biggest Tank work experience commandments are:

Don’t sit in a corner and hope things will be brought to you.

Don’t spend time texting.

Do show an interest in what everyone does.

Oh and the biggest thing we love? Tea makers!! God how we love people who make tea.