Why Agencies Need to Become Educators

December 1, 2015 |

I’m pleased to say that one of the big things we do at Tank is social media training. Pleased for four reasons:

Firstly I really enjoy doing it, and as a strategist, it’s rare that agencies let people at the top of the tree do the presentations and help the clients one-to-one like this. As well as the overall social plan, I get to do the hands-on work. I love it when people feed back to say that they got what they needed.

Secondly, old-school agencies don’t like giving away the tricks of the trade. At Tank, our secret sauce belongs to our clients and we’re encouraged to share what we know as experts. Honesty and transparency are the backbone of social media and we get the chance to share our knowledge and give our clients the best start in social possible. It’s all part of the ‘road map to success’ approach. We want this to work for people.

Thirdly, I love it when our clients challenge us. It keeps my game fresh. The Q&A at the end always makes me think. Everyone needs different solutions and a different approach, as well as the core skills to get the most out of their social channels.

Last, but not least, so many channels are run by people with little or no experience and it shows. Would you trust your nephew with your brand in front of the world? Would you let your intern loose on the world with no brand voice and posting skills? It pains me when it’s not done properly – especially when a brand has real potential. It messes with my OCD in an epic way, but thankfully I get to rectify this through social media training.

Our training sessions cover core principals, which I’m super-passionate about, plus methods for ‘getting seen’ and tricks that hard working folks in marketing departments just don’t have the time to research and learn otherwise. It covers ways to streamline finding aggregated content and lots of other time saving tricks. They’re full of best practices based on the experience of our social team, from running circa 100 different social media channels and campaigns, across many sectors.

Agencies who don’t share knowledge like this are doing it wrong, in my opinion. Passing on the skills to achieve the goals you want to hit is key. At the risk of teetering on my soapbox, I believe that withholding knowledge will be the death of some agencies in the end.

I think that most teams would get something great out of training and their social channels would get a massive boost afterwards. If your agency doesn’t offer this service, well, you know our number!