Why everyone needs social media training

December 1, 2015 |

Would you trust your brand reputation to someone who’s just out of university? Do you think your marketing people know the intricacies of the social platforms well enough to get maximum possible exposure for everything you post? Would you trust your friends or family to stand up in front of hundreds of people and be your brand ambassador, just because they’re on Facebook? Do your salespeople know how to use social to generate leads?

I’m not saying these folks couldn’t do the job. Often it’s these people, who have access to the day-to-day running of the company and specialist product knowledge, that are the best people for the task. It’s very likely that if they have a passion and an interest in people and marketing they can make it work, but they will need specialist social media business training before they can.

Nowadays, ‘social media manager’ is a job in it’s own right. It’s a specialism, and one that needs your people to be abreast of a wide cross-section of ever-evolving techniques and tactics. It’s creative, pro-active and strategic.

People in this role need to know how to conduct faster research for content aggregation and how to use algorithms to get their content seen. They need to target your buyers and followers with content they want, know how to avoid the pitfalls of using scheduling tools and know how to examine reports to ascertain what’s working and make changes if things aren’t. Finally, they need to integrate applications to make the experience richer for the audience, and know a thousand other things that only come with years of practice and being truly wrapped in the discipline. In short, they need social media training.

In just a few hours we’ve led training sessions that have given teams the insight they need to grow communities and offer a real benefit to their customers, that can turn Friends, Fans, and Followers into repeat clients and brand evangelists. We’ve armed sales and marketing teams with the ammunition they need to make social media work, and to make the most of their efforts. Good training can make the difference between real communities, and empty Pages.

In any discipline knowledge is key. We live, eat, and breath and social. I can’t stress enough the importance of giving your team the tools for success. There’s no point doing it unless you’re going to get it right.