Willkommen to Nottingham, Das Kino

December 1, 2015 |

Here at Tank we love a good party and recently helped Nottingham’s latest bar, Das Kino, kick off in style.

Drawing influences from iconic German Cinema, Das Kino (like Rocket@Saltwater) is the new go-to-place for after work drinks, a slice of pizza or (exclusively) a game of ping-pong. But how are we helping raise awareness and keeping the venue in people’s minds?

Aufmerksamkeit! Alert the press!

It’s no secret that Nottingham has now become the most vibrant city in the East Midlands for nightlife (amongst many other things, I hasten to add). With a plethora of new leisure venues now popping up across the city, it’s our job to help our clients stand out from the crowd. We chatted with the local and trade press to let them know of Das Kino’s unique offering, creating excitement and hype in the process.

We also worked with the team at Das Kino to ensure we supplemented their social campaign to encourage Facebook users to like its page in return for having a Polaroid on its walls to showcase Nottingham’s finest faces. In a separate campaign, its branded ping-pong balls were shared in locations around the world, even turning up as far afield as New York City.

We also offered the press exclusive interviews on the creation of Das Kino, from the guys behind the amazing food, to those involved in the building transformation.

Guestlist! Gästeliste! Guestlist!

Launch nights are not only great fun; they also provide the venue’s clientele with an exclusive look at what’s on offer. As with all our events, we tailor our guest list in order to match the venue’s needs. With Das Kino, we targeted local businesses who provide the sought after ‘young professional’ crowd. We also looked at those working a little further afield who perhaps pass through the city centre when travelling to and from work. Key press contacts are of course on the list too, ensuring that those who share the same target audience are included.

Photos from inside the venue offer a glimpse ‘behind the curtain’ and highlight the fact Das Kino is something different, with its free ping-pong on launch night, photo booth and the arrival of its iconic pizzas courtesy of Oscar and Rosie’s.

A good crowd provides the perfect mix and the buzz we had created was reflected by queues outside the doors as last minute touches were being made.

Aktion! Follow up with the press

After a successful launch night it’s important to follow up and inform the press that the venue is now open for business. We are ultimately trying to drive footfall so the more people who know about the venue the better.

Further to issuing a follow up press release, social photographs are a great way in which the venue can be showcased in longer lead publications, showing people enjoying their surroundings and the kind of clientele the venue attracts.

Aktion social

As our digital strategist Nik often reminds us, social media is a tool that should be utilised at every possible opportunity. Before, during and after the launch we ensured we shared and liked Das Kino content across all digital platforms. Das Kino’s target audience is also active on these channels so it’s another method of direct marketing to their chosen clientele.

All of above have helped Das Kino arrive in Nottingham with a bang, whilst also protecting the image it wanted to portray to the public. If that doesn’t call for a stein of German lager, I’m not sure what does.